The Kizazi Ball

Built on FIFA standards, the Kizazi ball is designed for competition. Through rigorous testing in the lab and off the field, we have perfected its construction over the last two years.
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The first soccer ball from Kizazi
For every ball you purchase, we use 15% of the profits to fight poverty worldwide through microloans. We address the roots of poverty, not the symptoms. The key is intelligent giving.
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The Kizazi ball is ethically built: no child labor, responsible environmental impact, and community empowerment.
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The Next Brand of Soccer

You love the game. We love the game. 3.5 billion people worldwide love the game.
The world deserves a brand as true as the game itself. By providing products built in fair working conditions, designed for quality, and strategized to help those in need, Kizazi gives soccer the brand that it needs.

Intelligent Giving

Fighting poverty is not as simple as just giving people things. It requires strategy and intelligence. The traditional aid model focuses on shipping goods to those in need. This approach temporarily relieves the symptoms of poverty, but causes more harm than good in the long term by damaging local economies and creating dependency. We have created an intelligent model designed to fight poverty at its roots. By providing individuals worldwide with microloans, we empower them to create their own wealth through business and innovation, helping them raise themselves out of poverty.
"I know about countries that have developed on trade and innovation and business. I don't know of any country that got so much aid they suddenly became a first world country."

- Herman Chinery-Hesse, Poverty Inc.

Your Impact