Hi!  Thanks for visiting the press section of our site.  As you know, the potential for soccer to create positive change is massive.  Kizazi is here to unlock that potential by mobilizing the 3.5-billion fans of the game.  We need your help spreading the word.  You are the voice of Kizazi.  With every new member of this movement, our power to fight poverty grows.  Lets tell the world a new era of soccer has begun.  

Below you will find a few things...

1. Images of the ball  (If you'd like any photography of the ball in action, used by one of the many top athletes supporting this movement, please contact us below and we'll send over some great shots.)  

2. The Kizazi logo (three variations).  

3. Company Information PDF (downloadable) - company description, our vision, our mission statement, the Kizazi model, a microloans overview, the founding story, and customer testimonials.


Help us spread the word.  Now is the time to redefine the game, to unleash its potential for global change.  Awaken the game.   


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