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High Level Training

Designed for elite use, the Compete ball provides players with unmatched performance in all facets of the game. From dribbling, to controlling, to shooting, to passing, this ball brings out the best in every player. The key benefits you receive are...

  • Built to FIFA QUALITY PRO standards
  • Optimal Responsiveness
  • Excellent Flight Stability

Fighting Poverty

For every ball you purchase, we allocate 15% of the profits to the Kizazi Fund, a pool of money used to provide microloans to individuals worldwide. The microloans allow hard working men and women to raise themselves out of poverty through business and innovation.

FairtradeFairtrade International's Logo


No child labor. No sweatshops. No slavery. The Kizazi ball is made with the highest ethical standards ensuring fair compensation, safe working conditions, and an improved quality of life for the makers of the ball.


Strict regulations ensure a responsible impact on the environment during production through proper management of the energy and waste associated with making the Kizazi ball.


We pay our manufacturers a Fairtrade Premium: an additional 10% fee above the product price. The workers assembling the ball have access to this capital for community development and elect how to spend the funds.

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